Telangana home minister and speaker tested covid positive

Telangana home minister and speaker tested covid positive

Mohammad Ali and Padma Rao goud tested corona positive

Covid 19:

At present all over the world is suffering with novel Corona virus.Day by day the cases have been rapidly increasing.Nearly 1 crore people have been effected by the COVID-19.Recently 4 cricketers has been declared as Corona positive.According to reports on Saturday Telangana home minister Mahmood Ali and Deputy speaker of Telangana assembly Padma rao goud has been declared as Corona positive including their family members also.And they are sent to private hospital for treatment.

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Telangana home minister and Deputy speaker has been tested corona positive

The Telangana home minister Mahmood Ali on Saturday has been tested positive for the novel Corona positive.67 year old minister and his 5 personal security guards has been also tested positive here on Saturday.Till Friday he had actively participated in all the activities.on wednesday while he the medical team was checking him ,the medical team declared that he has Corona symptoms and he has been sent for covid testing,after 3 days on Saturday he has been declared Corona positive and his security guards are also declared Corona positive and sent to isolation in a Apollo hospital in jubilee hills.Before he tested positive he had recently participated in haritha haram programme with several ministers .After that  he had he experienced severe cough,fever cold and had tested for covid positive.The other ministers who participated with him are also taken self quarantine.His security guards recently self admitted to quarantine.The virus spreaded from gunman to Mahmood Ali.
While the other side The deputy speaker of Telangana assembly Padma Rao goud had also tested positive for novel Corona positive including with his recently he had distributed 1 crore rupees to the middle class and poor people who are suffering from lack of food and other essential goods.On Friday the government officially announced that he had got positive for Corona including with his son.Both of them are sent to isolation in a private hospital.The full details weren't officially declared.In GHMC the cases are rapidly increasing.Nearly 700 new cases are been introduced.many doctor,polices are also been tested corona positive.So please follow the rule and lockdown.

Stay home stay safe

Author:Shaik Azmath,India

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