Top 10 horror movies of all time

Top 10 horror movies of all time



Many of us are interested in watching movies in free times .There number of movies released since from 1908.There are no.of films in different genres like some are science fictional and some are epics, thriller, romance etc. but among them Horror movies has a special place because it makes the audience and viewers thrill and Scary.Thats the reason why most of the people like to see them.But there are no.Horror movies in hollywood  ,but which films  you should watch.Because every movies has special content and hard work behind them.So dont worry i am here to solve that.Now in this list of Horror movies i will recommend movies based on my personal experience not by the IMDB or Rotten tomatoes .Top 10 is a word used to indicate the sequence of movies dont take it as negative.and also these movies are also available in all languages like hindi ,english etc and some movies are also available in Netflix (Horror movies on netflix) so lets get started
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NO.10 .POLAROID (2018)

Polaroid is a Horror thriller released in 2018.The Reason for recommending the movie is the Horror scenes and the story of the movie.Its like a new concept that you should must watch.This movie was directed by lars kelvberg. Bird Fletcher finds a polaroid camera through which all his friends die because of that camera .How they had escaped from that?
For that you need to watch the movie. 

NO.9:THE RINGS (2002)(2017)

Rings is a Horror thriller released in 2017 and one of the best Scary movie ever.The reason for recommending this is the horror elements show in this movies was realistic.Julia's boyfriend Holt finds a cursed video photoge.Whoever it may be watches it will die in 7 days .Julia and holt try to escape from that cursed photage.its a must and should watch movie.This movies has collected 8.4 crores USD. 

NO.8:SINISTER (2012)(2015)

Sinister is a Horror thriller released in 2012 and its sequel in 2015 and one of best Horror movie ever .sinister is vell directed Horror movie.The reason for recommending this movie is that it is directed by Scott derrickson. Its not possible to explain the story but i will share some few information with you. The name of the devil shown in this movie is bughuul.ellison oswald discovers existence of snuff film showing deaths of a family and he wants to solve that this process his family was kept in danger so atlast how he escapes from the devil is the story.Its one of the best horror movies of all time 

NO.7:POLTERGEIST  (1982)(2015)

Poltergeist is a movie which is based on true story.The reason for recommending this movie is it is a movie which is really happened and the director showed the horror  elements which are realistic for audience. A family takes a home as rent in which before child has died.after they experience paranornal activities. Its initially released in 1983 but its remake was in you should watch this movie.

NO.6:LIGHTS OUT (2016)

Personally its one of my favourite Horror movie because the horror elements shown in this movie are amazing and pretty scary.Lights out is one of the best Horror movie of all time story of this movie is sophie,a mother who has a childhood friend named diana.Diana has a disease called skin disease because of this disease she used to be in darm if she comes out of darkness she would die so the diana wants to kill sophie children .but they fight with her and kill her .its a must watch Movie

NO.5:IT (2017)(2019)

IT is one of the world's best Horror movie.IT  movie released in 2 parts part 1 in 2017 and part 2 is a new 2019 horror movie.IT has been a sensational movie so far. Pennywise, a shape shifting clown returns to derry after 27 years and kill a small child.The childs brother try to find out the mystery behind his death with her friends but the Pennywise tries to kill them atlast they kill pennywise in chapter 2.It is a masterpiece movie. If you want a movie full of horror elements i suggest this movie for you.IT is one of the Scariest movie Ever.

NO.4:CONJURING 2 (2016)

Conjuring series movies are the most successful horror Film series ever because of these stories are really happened on earth. Conjuring 2 is directed by James wan.But i suggest conjuring 2 because of  horror scenes,Special effects,story,logics and the main thing is Valak.The story of conjuring 2 is janet,a girl who is possessed by a demon.ed lorren tries to solve that but atlast they came to  know that the reason behind this is valak and they finish the you should watch this for thrilling experience 


The curse of weeping woman or curse of lallorna is my favourite Horror movie because it is a complete Horror movie and it is based on true story.The story of the movie is amazing and thrilling.Every second of the movie is very interesting .Lallorna,a woman kills his two children and with them she also dies and after that she kills the small children.Anna's kids were cursed and she tries to protect them and atlast they kill this is a must and should watch movie

NO.2:THE NUN (2018)

Nun,in my point of view it's the best Horror movie ever.The story and horror elements are amazing and pretty scary.This movie has created a sensation all over the world.story of this movie is a priest and a sister tries to solve the death of a nun. then they came to know that the valak is the reason for this they kill the valaka at he end of this you should watch this movie.


Its a master piece which is released in 1980'S.Its one of the scariest movie ever.this movie is based on exorcism in which the demon leaves the body.
And this movies has been a masterpiece. If i telk the story of movue you cant get thrill so watch the movie directly
Conclusion :
So these are the movies that i recommend for you.There are many other movies like hereditary,annabelle,psycho (serial killer ),The night mare at the elm streetetc but the movies that i show you  are pretty scary.Ifyou have any doubts or any problem please ask me .
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