Will Corona virus End this world

Will Corona virus End this world



Corona virus:

We had watched many movies in which earth is going to end and the universe is going to end.And movies like world war z,Train to Busan in which a virus kill the all the people in the world. Today all over the world people are facing many problems due to corona virus pandemic.Big countries like america,china,italy,spain,even india having more number of Corona cases.Many scientists trying to findout the vaccine for this virus but it take minimum 2 years to do this.Nearly 7 crore people have been tested positive and many of then are died and some people are discharged. Due to this pandemic almost all the countries implemented lockdown to decrease the amount of Covid cases, but after applying lockdown some places or some cities the cases are increasing  asusually because of people are not following the rules of lockdown .Not only poor people but also Presidents,ministers,and other famous and rich persons are also affected by the corona virus. Here,the interesting thing is some persons predicted about this virus in earlier days. Things which we are going to discuss :
2.where does this virus comes of from and who created this?
 3.countries which are mostly affected
 4.people who predicted this virus before?
5.Will corona virus End this world?

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What is corona virus?

Corona virus is a not a single virus,it's a group of virus which affect mammals and birds.This virus include the middle east respiratory syndrome (MERS-CoV) and severe Acute respiratory syndrome  (SARS-CoV).This types viruses had not identified before December 2019. Thats the reason why we call it as novel corona virus. When compared to other viruses corona virus spread more faster and corona is a highly communicable disease. These virus cause respiratory diseases and more.
The symptoms for this virus is cough,sneeze,breathing difficulties, nasal congestion, fever, tiredness, several aches,throat problems,difficulties while swallowing  and most importantly pneumonia  and diarrhoea .The person who is affected by virus,this symptoms will start showing effects after 14 days.It also transfered through the air. To escape from this virus we need to wear N-95 mask or any other mask,sanitize your hands daily 10 to 15 times,eat nutritious food,maintaim 3-feet social distance with other people and mainly do not go outside without any reason.

2.Where does it comes from or anyone invented it?

The most mysterious thing about this virus is Where does it comes from?.well most of the people say that it is came from wuhan,china.well the answer is right.The first virus breakout is from a fish market in  wuhan,china.or some othet statements are while inventing something it has gone wrong and the virus is born. While US president Trump says that China intentionally invented corona to effect the growth of the other countries not only trump 80% of people except china agree with this statement .And also if you see the graph of corona cases in china after few day the corona cases totally  stopped and recovery rate is over 85%.With this graph analysis some people said that china has a vaccine to cure but it doesn't share it with other countries.


Big countries like America,india, china etc.. are mostly affected by the covid 19 cases.While small countries like Jordan,Soloman island, Turkmenistan, north korea are having less amount of cases because of their population density or they have taken proper health care.countries like USA, India have more population so there is chance that the virus can spread easily.In initial days india,usa have less amount of cases but after few days the cases are increasing.
Here are the list of countries with COVID 19 cases(according to June 11):

Countries with more corona cases:


Countries with less corona cases:

2.Papua new guinea-8
3.Vatican city-12

4.People who predicted this before

Do you believe prediction?If you believe or not believe but after seeing this you should believe this.more than 5 people predicted this virus with exact year (2020).looks like crazy but it's true . Let's see the people who predicted this virus.

1.Brahmam gari kalagnanam(india,AP)

Will corona virus End this world

Sri pothuluri veerabrahmendra Swamy on coronavirus doing rounds in social media.He mentioned about a virus in his kalagnanam book.He named that virus as coranki(corona).And he also said that the virus will outbrust in the north east side of India(china) and it claims the lives of crores of people.The same things are happening across the world.He exactly predicted the virus.If you see the names coranki, corona both are matching. thus we can say that he predicted the future


We know that Nostradamus is famous for his Nostradamus predictions.He is famous french astrologer,physician.Nowadays in social media Nostradamus prediction 2020 started doing rounds.He predicted that 
A twin year (2020) from which will arise a queen(corona) which will comes from east(china) and who will spread a plague(virus) in the darkness of night(winter, December) on a country with seven hill(italy) and will transform the twilight of men into dust(death) to destroy and ruin the world.It will be end of the world economy you will know it

This was predicted in 1551.According to the words of Nostradamus the world will end. He had predicted many things which were really happened! So we can say that the world is going to end.

3.Dean koontz(1981)

Dean koontz is a famous author.His book called The eyes of darkness is one of the best book in the world.Here In his book he mentioned about corona virus .He named the virus as Wuhaan-400 .And also he said that it will be created in a laboratory.Well,if we keep it aside,do you know about where does the corona comes from? Well the answer is wuhaan in china.and it has been created in a fish market or a laboratory and exactly Dean koontz  predicted it.And also he said that it's a man made virus ,it only affect human.so we can say that Dean koontz corona prediction  is right!


Not only Nostradamus,Dean koontz,brahman garu many other people like Baba vanga and more surprisingly Bill gates predicted the virus.In 2015.Ted talks he said the the "The world is not ready for pandemic" and after that in 2018 meeting he said that "A pandemic will happen in the next decade which will kill 30-50 million people within 6 months" and it is happening right now.Thus we can say that Bill gates predicted the corona virus .


According to Nostradamus,Bill gates,brahman garu predictions they mainly said about a virus which will originate from china in 2020 and it is the end of the world economy.
Will Corona virus end this world
Corona virus growth rate graph

If you see the daily increasing of Covid-19 cases , the growth rate is increasing by nearly 5% if this continues like this on October 23 70% of the world is affected by this virus.and in December 50% of people will be died(if continues like this).And another thing is if we see the cases it has taken an avg. 2 months to reach 1 lakh cases(in a country) and 1 lakh to 2 lakhs 2 weeks 3 lakh to 4 lakhs 1 week .if this continues there will be no humans on earth in 2021.And another thing is can we cure corona virus? the answer is yes.Glenmark has invented a medicine for that.


If we need to stay alive we need to follow lockdown rules.So please follow rules and save our earth.If you follow rules you can save the world.
Write about your opinion in comment box.if you want more information about coronavirus updates  follow us.

Stay home,stay safe 
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