10 real proofs of Aliens caught on camera

10 real proofs of Aliens caught on camera

10 Real proofs of Aliens caught on camera


13.6 billion years ago out universe was created. After that many changes have been occured. 4.5 billion years ago our earth was formed.From there to now,the most mysterious question is Are we alone in the universe?.We had watched many movies which are mainly based on aliens like The arrival,alien covenant etc.We call them as Aliens.The vehicle that they used to travel from one place to another place is UFO,which means Unidentified flying object. Many scientists said that they saw aliens,some of them could be wrong, but some scientists showed some proofs of aliens.when we were kids we used to say that mars has aliens on it.But thats not the true.But mars has a microbial life on it.Now,in this article,we are going to discuss about some proofs of aliens.So lets get started.

Before we get started, you need to know that,we always think that Aliens are green in colour, they have antennas on their heads, but thats not the truth because we are living on a planet with Air,trees,water,gases etc.But the place where the aliens are living should not have the same conditions on their planet.Because of that we can't guess how their face is going to be.And moreover our univerese has no end,it keeps expanding, so there are uncountable no.of stars,planets in our universe,there should be a billions of planets like our earth.So saying that there are no aliens is a foolish thing.
Let us see some of the aliens proofs :

1.The mysteries human face on mars

In 1976, A NASA satellite called Viking probe sent a shocking photo to the NASA.The photos shows a mysterious human face on the surface on mars.The Face exactly mathces to the face of humans.From this we can say that mars has a civilization on it.But in 2001,it suddenly got disappeared.Many scientists are saying that it is formed because of some winds,but if you see the face is exactly like a human.Except humans no one can do that.So this proofs shows that mars has a civilization on it. 

Alien proof no.2:The 1977,WOW signal

Normally no one believes aliens,but of you see this you can believe the existence of aliens.In August, 1977 the ohio state university detected a mysterious signal from the outer space.The signal continued upto 37 seconds.Many scientists try to find out the reason for that signal.After doung research, scientists declared that the signal came from 220 million light years.After decoding the signal,scientists declared that signal as WOW.That means aliens also searching for extraterrestrial life.And you need to observe that,the technology used by aliens is more developed because they sent a signal from more than 220 million light years.And another main thing is 2 scientists had sent a signal to outer space on november 21,1974.May be the aliens received that signal and replied to that.

Aliens proof no.3: 2002,Aliens on venus

In 2002,the venus lander sent an important data to the scientists. The data shows the DNA and some chemicals of some aliens or any other civilization. But The civilization on venus is not on the land surface because the surface temperature on venus is 800°C.It doesn't support any life So the civilization on venus should be in the sky, clouds.Due to the increase in the temperatures of the sun,the civilization has ended.The aliens may look like jelly fishes.

Aliens proofs no.4:Leonardo davinci UFO painting 

We all know that Leonardo Davinci is an amazing artist.His monalisa painting is worldwide famous.One of his paintings called Madonna will make you shock.He had drawn an UFO in his painting.The Painting was drawn in 15th century. At that time UFO want discovered.Rhe technology was very poor.So How do he know about UFO?

No.5:The 1973 Alien Abduction Tape

This is one of the solid proof to say the existence of aliens. The pascagoula Abduction is one of the most unsolved mysteries in the world.It said to be happened in 1973.Pascagoula abduction is an alien abduction and UFO sighting.Two co workers called Charles Hickson,Calvin Parker said that while they were fishing suddenly they were abducted by aliens while they were fishing near the Mississippi river.This is one of the most mysterious unsolved mystery in the world.

No.6:The 2000 Area 51 Alien picture 

In 2000,a shocking picture was released which clearly show the pictures of aliens.And that too, this Aliens was appeared in the world's most mysterious place "Area 51".The photo contains of some doctors who are doing a surgery to aliens.The aliens was prisoned in area 51.The Area 51 is the highly restricted place in the world,if you think logically Area 51 should had banned because of Aliens.

No.7 :The officially released photage of UFO.

If you see the above proofs they are not 100% proven, but the proof that I am going to say now is officially released by USA Government. The photage contains a UFO flying above the clouds on our earth.The UFO continued to fly for 2 minutes.But after i suddenly got disappeared.This photage was officially released by NASA and US government.

No.8 :Area 51,Bermuda triangle relation with Aliens

We known that Area 51,Bermuda triangle are one of the most mysterious places on the earth.
Area 51 is a highly restricted place on the earth.No one can enter into Area 51,even aeroplanes also should not fly over the Area 51.Many of the scientists who worked there said that they saw aliens,UFO'S in Area 51.Somw of then even showed some proofs for them. But the government said that Area 51 is used for training of soldiers.But the training is not a secret thing,so why the government is maintaining high security and banned the place is still a mysterious thing.
Bermuda triangle is one of the most unsolved mystery in the world everything which enter into this place will be disappeared.Many ships,aeroplanes have disappeared after entering into this area.According to many scientists, the Bermuda triangle is connected to multiverse.Many scientists guessed that the place contains aliens and when a ship or aeroplanes enter into it is taken to their planets by aliens. It is still one of the world's most mysterious thing ever.

No.9:Aliens saved Rickshawala in china

 If you watch the above clip you saw that suddenly a man came with lightning speed and saved the Rickshawala. The above seen was happened on china during night 3"0" clock. The van and Rickshawala are going to be collided but suddenly an alien saved him.Then after saving him he suddenly disappeared from these.The alien covered his face with mask.Most of the people are saying that the man came form multiverse or he had done time travel.

No.10:The aliens sightings in telangana forest.

We usually think aliens live on other planets.But Thats not the truth.The tribal people who living in the jinnaram forest in adilabad, telangana(india) had complained that there domestic animals are missing every day.The police fixed some CC cameras in that area.After some days they found something weird. The cc photage shows A  non human which looks like a goat,and human killing the animals.The Alien also have sharp nails,horns,and the alien is comparatively larger than humans.But after some days the alien is disappeared . This is has been one of the Most unsolved mysteries in the world.

Conclusion :

The proofs which i had shown had been proven by many scientists. These are truly happened. There are many other proofs for aliens .The next 10 proofs will be in the next post.If you to read that post subscribe to our newsletter to get notified earlier.
Let me know which proof is scary.

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