Why government banned 59 Chinese apps and their best alternatives

Why government banned 59 Chinese apps and their best alternatives

 Why government banned 59 Chinese apps,and their best alternatives

Currently the most trending topic in the world is Bann chinese apps,products and many more.We know the reason for banning these.Covid 19,India Vs China border fight,YouTube Vs tik tok,privacy and many other are the reasons for banning this apps.These apps also includes tik tok,wechat,share chat,helo,bigo live ,Vigo video etc.And many electronics and products like Redmi,Realme etc.Most of the people agree with this decision but some other people like those who become famous through these platforms are disagreeing to this decision.But majority of the people had selected to Ban these apps. There any many apps which can replace them.So the topics which we are going to discuss about in this post is

1.What are 59 banned apps and their list?
2.what is the reason for banning these 59 apps?
3.Banning this 59 apps is a good decision or bad?
4.Advantages and disadvantages of banning this apps
5.Best alternatives for this 59 banned apps

1.What are the 59 banned apps and Thier list?

The indian government had announced that they are going to Ban all the chinese apps all over the India.So here is the list of 59 banned apps

  1. Tik tok(video sharing)
  2. Share chat(entertainment)
  3. Shareit (files sharing)
  4. Club factory(shopping)
  5. Helo(entertainment)
  6. WeChat(chat)
  7. Likee(entertainment)
  8.  UC Browser (web browser)
  9. Kwai(video sharing)
  10.  Baidu map 
  11.  Shein 
  12. Clash of Kings 
  13.  DU battery saver  
  14. UC News 
  15.  QQ Mail 
  16. Weibo 
  17. Xender 
  18.  QQ Music 
  19.  QQ Newsfeed 
  20. Bigo Live 
  21. SelfieCity 
  22.  Mail Master 
  23. Parallel Space
  24. Cache Cleaner
  25.  DU App studio 
  26. DU Cleaner 
  27.  DU Browser 
  28. Hago Play With New Friend Cam Scanner 
  29.  Clean Master -chetaah mobile
  30.  Wonder Camera 
  31.  Photo Wonder 
  32. QQ Player 
  33. We Meet 
  34. YouCam makeup 
  35.  Mi Community 
  36.  CM Browers 
  37.  Virus Cleaner 
  38.  APUS Browser 
  39.  ROMWE 
  40.  Newsdog 
  41. Beauty Plus 
  42. Mi Video Call – Xiaomi 
  43. WeSync 
  44. ES File Explorer 
  45. Viva Video – QU Video Inc 
  46. Meitu 
  47. Baidu Translate 
  48. Vmate 
  49.  QQ International 
  50. QQ Security Center
  51.  QQ Launcher 
  52. U Video 
  53.  V fly Status Video Mobile Legends 
  54.  DU Privacy 
  55. Vigo Video 
  56. New Video Status 
  57.  DU Recorder 
  58. Vault- Hide 
  59. Mobile legends

2.what is the reason for banning this 59 apps?

Recently The Chinese soldiers attacked Indian soldiers,there after many issues has been started in between India and China.After that many of the users has complained that their information and many other details have been leaked through this apps.The ministry of information and technology said that these Chinese applications are engaged in activities "prejudicial to soverginity(a self governing state) and more importantly integrity to India,defence of India, security of state and public order".The ban has been imposed under section 69A article the IT(information technology) Act read with relevant provisions of IT rules 2009.The main theme for banning these apps is to provide security to the Indian people.
The government officials said that these apps are leaking the information of users.The Chinese apps cannot provide safety to the people .And apps like tik tok are becoming very dangerous because people are totally addicted to that apps, even small children also spending more time on these apps rather than studying their subjects.Tik tok has nearly more than 100 million users in India,20% of the users are small children,while the other are in between the age of 19 to 35.A top official said that "These apps are not providing security and privacy to the users and there are many risk while using these apps,they are stealing and  surreptitiously transmittimg to others".Not a 100 or 1000 people,over 1 lakh of people have many issues with this apps.To ensure the safety and security to the people Indian government banned Chinese apps

3.Banning or blocking this 59 apps is a good decision or bad?

Majority of people(75%) agree with the decision taken by Indian government.According to the most of the surveys,most of the people spend time on tik tok,share chat and other apps rather than spending time with family.Most of the people are injured and some of them died while doing Tik tok.Some of them even when into depression because of not getting likes on tik tok and other apps.
While the other side the remaining 25% of people are the one who became famous through this platforms and some are addicted to that.But the majority of the people are with government.Because here nothing is important than our lives , either these apps,or money.Security and privacy is our main important thing.Most of the Chinese apps show gambling ads,cheating messages.Most of the people had complained that they had got a message in which they said that "you had won 1 crore rupees, please give your bank details and other information to get money" and most of them lost their all the money in their accounts.here they got the messages in Chinese browsers.So by the analysing ,we can say that it's a good decision.

4.Advantages and disadvantages for people by banning these 59 apps

I already explained about the the pros and cons of the banning Chinese apps.let us know about them in a deeper manner.for example there are 110 million user of Tik tok in India.In them 10,000 people are famous I mean popular by their videos,looks etc.According to most of the surveys,Tik tok has 10%useful content (education,and other informational), remaining 90% is for entertainment.But the entertainment should be done in a proper way,but most of the people takes risks while doing this video's and some are injured and and some are even dead.If you have a talent,tik tok and other apps are not the only platforms,there are millions of ways where you show your talent like YouTube is the best way, blogging and many other ways are there.Alway remember tha tik tok,share chat,helo are just platforms ,they are not over lives.

5.Best alternatives which can replace the 59 banned apps.

Baidu translate:
Baidu translate is used to translate text.The best alternatives is Google translate

We chat:
We chat is just like what sapp,messenger.we can use WhatsApp instead of WeChat

House party can replace hago.

Share it,Sender,ES file explorer:
The best alternatives is files by Google which is a Google product and we can surely trust it.Jio switch is also pretty useful 

Mobile legends:
There are many games in the play store like free fire,Fortnite etc.

Club factory,ROMW,shein:

Amazon,Flipkart ,eBay are the most trusted sites in the world.Club factory had cheated people many times.so we can use Amazon,flip kart.

Cam scanner:

Adobe scan, Microsoft scan are the best alternatives for the cam scanner

UC browser:
Most of the people had a complaint on uc browser security.We know that chrome is 100% better than UC browser.

These are the apps which can replace Chinese apps.

If you feel that this apps have no security, you can immediately delete these apps,and install their alternatives.These apps may leak your data,so immediately change your Google password,paytm,phone or any other apps password immediately for more security and privacy.Thanks for reading this post.Have a nice day.

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