About us

About us

About us

Fact post is a blog/website where you can get all the information about News,facts, Mysteries,sports etc.We always provide the information which is based on your interest and which has been proven.This blog brings you the latest news for you.I had started my blog in the early 2020.

About This blog:

This is the one of the best blog where you can find news,facts,mysteries and many more for free. We always provide you quality content.If you want to get a chance to place your article 8n our website then you can visit our guest post page.

Meet the founder of Azmath TV LLC

Hey guys!This is Shaik Azmath and Iam the founder of Azmath TV LLC (parent website) which has mainly focuses on News,facts,tech and blogging. My passion towards Blogging made me to succeed in blogging profession.I had worked on many blogs and websites.

My blogging story:

Before i entered in to the blogging field,i used to be a youtuber.I used to made videos on facts,mysteries, tech etc.I watched many other youtubers channels and i mostly found that everyone has an own website. So i thought the why won't i should create a website for my channel.Then i watched many tutorials, i firstly created my website in weebly without no knowledge on website and seo.Then i came to know about wordpress,blogger,SEO then i started to create website on blogger, wordpress.Due to my interest in the blogging field, i changed my proffession as blogging.And then i came to know about seo,and i learned seo for a one and half month.
But when i started blogging,i got some worst results. Due to some error,my website has deleted and sometimes my content was deleted. But i never give up.I started reading the tips which are given by some professional bloggers.That has boosted my confidence.
Right now,my blogs are ranking higher on google.This was happened because of your love and support to me.

Any questions :

If you want to advertise or sell your products on our site or want a sponsored post please feel free to contact us via contact us page or mobile:9010247365
Gmail :AzmathTVLLC@gmail.com

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